Meet the Team for 2017/2018

We are Berklee Valencia's first student-run record label. As part of the Master's in Global Entertainment and Music Business graduate program, students join forces to uncover the remarkable new talent within the Berklee Valencia community.

Our team is a collective of musicians, artist managers, sound engineers, producers, music business professionals, entrepreneurs, but above all else, music addicts. We aim to disrupt the old music scene with raw, undeniable talent by working with genuine artists and visionaries that bring out the best of Berklee College of Music and the City of Valencia.


Rodolfo Guimaraes
Director of Finance and Distribution

Rodolfo has 15 years of professional experience in finance and supply chain functions. Before joining Berklee, he has worked for leading companies in consumer goods, fuels and construction industries, having lived in Brazil, France and Malaysia. Rodolfo is a production engineer and amateur pianist. 

Henry Liao
Managing Director 

Hailing from Vancouver, Canada Henry started his musical journey at 7 when he picked up his first violin. Eventually, he worked as an orchestral musician before coming to Berklee Valencia. Henry currently spends his days finding and signing top talent in the Berklee community and launching their professional careers. 

Amisha Patankar
Direction of Operations 

Amisha currently resides in the beautiful Valencia, Spain studying Global Entertainment and Music Business. Before, she handled all social media platforms for the Los Angeles Opera, constantly striving to bring classical music awareness to millennials. She hopes to further promote music and the arts to better benefit the community. 

Jeremy Vaughn
Director of Production

From the sunny state of California, Jeremy is a lifelong musician and experienced engineer and producer. An enterprising self-starter, he thrives on implementing innovative solutions in deadline-driven, fast-paced environments working with executives and prominent artists in pressure situations. As a member of the executive team at Disrupción Records, Jeremy overseas production and is the co-director of A&R.