Rapper and Drummer | Hip-Hop/Rap | USA

Demoh is diving head first into the scene with an arsenal of original productions, covering everything from love, loss, and addiction, to smoked-out existential inquiries. Having a background in jazz performance, Demoh’s production frames smooth harmonic progressions in the context of heavy-hitting drums, while at the same time delivering the bass-ridden bangers that have come to define the rap genre.





With phrasing that sometimes resembles a jazz saxophone player, Demoh’s flow is equally at home in both contexts. One might describe his sound as a cross between Mac Miller and Lester Young. as is made evident on one of his most recent collaborations with bassist Colin Trusedell on the album Quartet of Jazz Death, Vol. 2. Here, Demoh offers a fluid verse on the album’s single, “You Didn’t Know,” which received positive reviews on and



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