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SFTV Compilation album 2018

Various Artists | Soundtrack and Instrumental

The Scoring for Film, Television, and Video Games (SFTV) 2018 Compilation album is a collection of film compositions from the 2017/18 academic year. The SFTV program is one of the four programs located at Berklee's masters campus here in Valencia, Spain. The selection of music you will hear on this compilation album is from the pens of the students from the graduating class of 2018. The music was performed and recorded at the world renowned AIR Studios in London, mixed by the composers and re-mastered by Disrupción Record's Director of A&R. Now available on all streaming platforms and for download from iTunes and Amazon, this compilation album represents some of the best cinematic writing to come from Berklee to-date.





Track list and composers:

Marea Alta – Erella Atlan

Star Rock – Luis É. Bernal

The Portal – Octavio Bernal

Ranginui and Papatūānuka – Benjamin Burrell

Earth in Oblivion – Clementine Charuel

3m16: The Face of Extinction – Thiago Cossi 

Battle for the Atlas – Christopher Findlaytor 

Krogulous – Viktor Guðmundsson

Battle with the Tarnhang – Daniel Hwang

Above the Mountains – Fabian Kratzer 

SpellSouls: Duel of Legends (Cinematic Rescore) – Ana Krstajic

Last Wish – Luka Lebanidze 

The Eldritch Truth – Nacho Ramirez 

Native Land – Joey Reda

Allurement – Kelsey Rogers 

Trip to Alps – Sojin Ryu 

The Birth of a Lake – Tania Valle

Th Wyoming Wind Rivers – Michael Van Slyke 

In the Beginning – Belén Vives

Nostalgia – Jing Zhang


Special thanks to: Lucio Godoy, Pablo Schuller and AIR Studios.